Video Sharing at its best

StreamCloud provides you with all the necessary features that you need in order to share your favourite videos. Our service is similar to widely known cloud providers like Amazon CloudFront©, which means that we provide software as a service.
The key advantage is very simple: Because we do all the dirty work such as managing & encoding your video, you focus on bigger things in the meanwhile!

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Features & Specs

Easy to operate Your user panel is easy to manage. You will find all the informations you need easy accessible. No technical knowledge is required. We keep it simple for you and take care of the tech stuff.

Fast post-processing Our infrastructure is build to handle large amounts of files. Our system has cloud typical infinite scalability. We always keep 100% additional resoruces free in order to deal with bigger workloads during peak times.

Full control Using our own developed file manager you have full control for all files. It allows you to edit, delete and customize all your personal files in your storage account.

Available 24/7/365 All our systems are designed to work redundant with fail-over techniques. Even in a worst case scenario, you files will stay available and you will not notice a single outage.

Fully trained staff Our staff is available during office hours to help with problems you might experience. We provide support by E-Mail and Phone. Inquire now.

Stay up2date We will notify you about new features and service improvements using the given E-Mail address. Your data will never be used for marketing purposes.